A List Of 5 Types Of Cat Personalities - Is Your Cat Like One Of Them?

#1 The Spontaneous Cat

The cats with this type of personality may react differently to the same situation on different occasions. These cats have not quite learned how to cope with life. When they are facing some uncertainty, the usual case is, that they run first and ask the questions after! In addition, these cats might be somewhat bipolar, meaning that there might occur a mix of high energy & anxiety spikes.

Never shout at a spontaneous cat (or any other, for that matter) — it will raise his anxiety levels and increase his erratic behavior. It helps to have set routines, such as feedings and playtime, so he knows when something is about to happen — which prepares him to behave more appropriately.




#2 The Skittish Cat 

These cats a little anxious or extremely strung. Normally, they just go away if somebody tries to pet them. In addition facing an unfamiliar situation is not pleasant for them.

These cats need a lot of places to hide. That is why you should provide them with boxes and little “cat holes” around the house. Furthermore, if you force these cats to face their fears, it will get them traumatized! That is why you really should not do that.

The skittish cat usually avoids all the dangerous situations. When they know that they are in a safe place, their self-confidence will slowly build up from the ground and they can turn out to be a little playful.



#3 The Outgoing Cat

These cats love to explore the world. They do it so much that sometimes they even get themselves into trouble. In addition, they need a lot of mental stimulus to keep them occupied. However, if for some reason they get bored it might lead to destructive behavior. For example, you might find your beloved coach scratched after a long day at work! Furthermore, in time to time they might occupy themselves by chasing after their housemates.

When you provide them with a lot of stuff to do, you will be okay! If you get this type a plenty of lovely toys to play with, you will be loved! For example a feather / a toy on a string is maybe the best toy for this type of a cat! 


#4 The Dominant Cat

Even though it might sounds a little harsh, we could describe dominant cat as “bullies”. These cats are not too tolerant towards others. They might even try to act a bit aggressive towards them. Furthermore, they might be very attached to their own things. For example they might require a food bowl of their own.  Especially, in multi-cat households these cats can be a burden.

If you have this type of a cat, don’t worry! They just need a little bit more individual care. Just make sure each cat has her own food and water bowl, plus a litter tray. This can already set the situation much more tolerable. Furthermore, placing these objects a bit apart might be a good idea. This prevents the “boss cat” to act aggressively and hog them, since they can’t be in multiple places at once.

As a final advice, these types of cats can be calmed down by playing with them! With some intense playing you are able to drain off their energy levels, which gets their aggressive behavior lessen. If the cat is tired, it does not have energy to be too angry!


#5 The Friendly Cat

These cats are usually well adjusted and like to enjoy themselves, often as a result of a tons of socialization as they were kittens.

A lot of people dream about having a friendly cat. Especially in multi-cat households they are much appreciated. However, if usually so friendly cat changes personality, you should usually visit a vet. A lot of widely common conditions, might induce some pain or irritability, that has effects on cats personality!




Even though you could recognize a dominant characteristic on your cat, in the end, every cat is a blend of different personalities, just as people are. However, when you are alert to your cat’s personality traits, you can help him live with less stress and increased contentment. This will be greatly beneficial for both you and your 4-legged friend(s)!

Are there some cat personality types that we missed? Is your cat one or multiple of these? Leave us a comment on the comment section and let us know!

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