5 Interesting Cat Facts You Must Know

Cat Fact # 1 Cats are some serious grooming addicts

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This fact might not be very surprising for us cat owners. But have you ever wondered just how much time cats spend grooming themselves. According to a study made by Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, cats spend between 30 and 50 percent of their days cleaning themselves.

Self-cleaning has numerous benefits for cats: It helps cool cats off, comforts them. In addition it stimulates blood circulation and keeps them clean of odors that might attract some evil predators. From time to time, your beloved cat friend might even try to groom you! That is simply her/his way of showing affection towards you. Moreover, they try to mark you as one of her/his family group! :3


Cat Fact # 2 Cats can’t taste sweet

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Cats are simply not interested in foods that taste sweet. That is because of a defect in the gene that codes for part of the mammalian sweet taste receptor. That particular receptor contains two different protein subunits. These subunits are called T1R2 and T1R3. They are each coded for by a completely separate gene. The defect behind this lack of taste occurs on the T1R2 protein in domestic cats, as well as in their wild cousins, tigers and cheetahs!


Cat Fact # 3 Your cat can be allergic to you

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If your cat does cough a lot you might be the reason for it. According a study made in 2005, there is a condition called feline asthma which can be found from 1 out of 200 cats! The condition is on the rise thanks to human lifestyle. It happens to be that, since cats are more kept more and more indoors, they’re more sensitive to inflammation of their airways caused by several factors. For example cigarette smoke, dusty houses, human dandruff, pollen and some kinds of cat litters. Furthermore, in rare cases, cats can be infected by people. One common condition that cats could get from humans is flu.


Cat Fact # 4 Cats and dogs can live together

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Just forget what that guy Peter Venkman said about cats and dogs living together.  Back in the day, that resulted in some serious mass hysteria. A study made in 2008 by scientists at Tel Aviv University tells us that if the pets are introduced while they're young (around 6 months for cats, and approximately one year for dogs) they'll get along easily!


Cat Fact # 5 Cat has more complex brain than dogs

cat fact; cat facts; cats have mroe complex brain than dogs

Cat has a really small brain. It is only 0.9 percent of their body mass. But If we beleive Psychology Today, "the brains of cats have an amazing surface folding and a structure that is about 90 percent similar to ours." The cerebral cortex (that is a part of the brain that is responsible for most of the cognitive information processing) is actually much more complex in cats than our other commonly beloved friend’s dogs. Furthermore, cats have approximately 300 million neurons. When we compare to dogs, they have only about 160 million of them. However, there is some research showing that dogs are slightly smarter than cats, but all the cat lovers out there might share an opposite view on this issue! ;3 

EXTRA Cat Fact: Back in 2010, the most sophisticated supercomputer performed 83 times slower than a cat’s brain. Therefor we can easily say that cats are super smart animals!

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